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Our Process


Embark on your design journey with our expert team at the helm, led by our seasoned in-house interior designer with over 15 years of experience in crafting stunning kitchens, bathrooms, new builds, and full-scale renovations. Her wealth of design knowledge and boundless creativity will be your guiding force, propelling your renovation ideas into a tangible reality.

The process commences with an in-home consultation, a personalised session where we delve into your vision, understand the unique details of your space, how light plays a role, and the overall feeling of your home. Together, we explore your aesthetic preferences, budget constraints, and the functional requirements crucial for the renovation’s success.

Precise measurements are taken during the consultation, laying the foundation for a draft design that harmonises with your home and reflects your distinctive style. As we draft the design, we carefully weave together your ideas, needs, constraints, and budget, culminating in the creation of a luxurious and functional space. This design is a malleable masterpiece, shaped and refined until it reaches perfection, ready for the quoting stage.

Often there may be a solution that you may not have considered, our designer, passionate about exceeding expectations, may offer suggestions that elevate and enhance the impact of the final result. We encourage you to share inspiration photos and/or materials and visit our showroom and selection studio for an immersive design experience. Arrange a meeting with our designer to delve deeper into finish options, storage solutions and to build a comprehensive vision of the end goal.


In the second phase of our process, our designer will deconstruct your design from all the intricate pieces of board to every person that will personally have a part in your final product, determining your financial investment that will increase your home’s value. 

This is the starting point for financial changes to be made, to either cut back on some of the more audacious decisions or add in all those finer details you weren’t sure would be in budget. More often we will specify certain materials as a place holder to create a price to give you a base to work off. 

Discussing the quote in depth allows us to tailor your design to accurately suit your budget. If you need to adjust for a more economical project, our designer can best advise on what areas will give you the greatest savings without compromising too much on the overall aesthetic. 

Our quotes are plainly detailed to enable you to intimately understand what is included for the total outlay. We don’t like hidden surprises as much as anyone else does so we always quote (unless otherwise specified) to give a turn key result. 

Variations do occur as we can only quote what we can see, for example if we open up a wall and discover termite damage, this must be repaired before we can continue, we are qualified to undertake this type of work and will always keep an open line of communication throughout the process and never proceed with unexpected work without your consent. 

Every quote we issue includes our mandatory QBCC Insurance that is covered by our building licence. Using a fully licenced building company give you the peace of mind that all our work is completed to the highest level possible and backed by our extensive experience.


Once you have signed your paperwork and your project is booked in, one of our two cabinet designers will check measure the space and re confirm your proposed design. These two gentlemen have over 80 years combined experience as cabinet makers, and now funnel their extensive knowledge into digitally creating your joinery in our Cabinet specific CAD program. This program talks directly to our CNC machine which cuts the pieces of your stunning, life size, 3D puzzle. 

Not all our work is cut by the CNC; our expertly trained craftsmen, hand cut the more intricate work, and meticulously hand build all our cabinetry in house, in our Burleigh Heads factory located right behind our showroom. To complete your joinery, we use only the highest quality products and hardware that will stand the test of time. 

The manufacturing time will depend on the finish you have chosen as 2pac panels do get sent to our local paint professionals to guarantee the best possible finish that meets our high standards. This process does add a couple of weeks to the overall time but will not affect your installation date as this will already be factored in when booking. 

Another finish which is outsourced is Polytec’s Thermolaminated doors and panels. These are custom made by Polytec and sent directly to us ready for assembly. 

Our factory is not open to the public but can be viewed from our Selections Studio, if you would like to see the magic happen. 


Once your joinery is assembled and ready to be delivered, you will be handed over to our gorgeous team of trades that will make you miss them once your project is complete. 

Our installers and contractors will carefully transform your space with efficiency, care and consideration.  Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction ensures each renovation is a seamless and rewarding experience. All of us here at KBHI know firsthand what it’s like to live in a construction site during a renovation, we always try and minimise the disruption wherever possible. Some of our clients opt to go on holidays during these times and come back to a shiny (or matte) new home. All our projects are managed by our on site supervisor and personally scheduled and run by Fran. 

We pride ourselves on how we present your home on completion and all our contracts contain rubbish removal as standard; including existing cabinetry, appliances and building rubble.

Installation times vary depending on the size of the project, type of room/s, access limitations and variations. 

We always aim to complete a project within the specified timeframe, however some delays cannot be avoided and we will always keep you well informed if any inconvenience occurs. 

Once your project is complete, the dust has settled and the benches have been wiped, we would always like to return with our professional photographer and snap some shots to show off your amazing new space/s in your home.